Bio-Pure Products Inc.

The "brute force" use of chemicals are recognized as an expensive and often environmentally harmful way of eliminating organic waste. In the late 90's Doctor Bernard, PhD Microbiology, invented the original Bio-Pure formula, so beginning a new era of microbiology based waste management products.

His philanthropic goal was to improve fish yield by working with bacteria to eliminate the nitrogenous waste excreted into their water. His work produced the first cost-effective, organic way of improving water quality for third-world fish farms. In 2000, Bio-Pure® was rated NUMBER ONE out of 132 entries in a 3-year United-Nations-funded study designed to determine which dual bacteria and enzyme action was the most effective in breaking down and digesting organic waste.

The diverse range of product applications described have been developed by Bio-Pure Inc. from this original formula. And in every case bringing a better, cheaper and safer micro biology based alternative to chemical products, for the elimination of on-site dead organic waste.

Introduction to Microbiology

Bacteria reproduce by a process called binary fission - one cell divides and becomes two. If there is sufficient food (organic waste) - oxygen and moisture, and the temperature is right, certain microbes/bacteria will have significantly multiplied within twenty minutes, and after eight hours will have created as many as 17 million new cells.

A crash course in microbiology shows that all bacteria produce their own specific enzymes to aid in the digestion of a food source. Enzymes break down the organic waste into "bite" sized chunks for the microbes/bacteria to then eat. These enzymes are proteins that are produced by plants, animals, bacteria, fungi and other living things. They are catalysts which accelerate the rate of microbial activity. They are natural and only present in trace quantities.

Bio-Pure bugsPlease do not confuse our Bio-Pure bugs (cute blue guys) which "eat" waste with the "pac men" like enzymes used in chemical cleaners to break down all waste!

Bio-Pure Science Used By:

Dental Evac Systems
Wastewater Treatment
Hotels & Motels
Oil & Gas
Food processing
Pulp & Paper
Beverage & Bottling
Amusement Parks
Homes & Plumbing
Fertilizer Plants
Ethanol Plants
Zoos & Aquariums
Parks & Recreation
Golf Courses

Quality of Bacteria

In 2000 Bio-Pure was
Selected #1
132 Entries In
A United Nations
Funded Study