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We stand proudly behind all our products and offer a no-hassle, dealer returns policy!

If you are NOT completely satisfied with the way our product has performed, please return the product to the dealer from whom it was purchased and you will be refunded in full.

We do ask that you let us know what the issue was so that we can pass a credit to the dealer who delivered our product to you.

Please use the contact us link, include your name where asked, and include the order number of your purchase in the message area of the form. This will allow us to follow up with the dealer and provide any additional product training required.

We are aware of two office configurations that require special instructions for the use of Bio-Pure:

1) Certain water line microbial cleaners (bug killing products) that operate by continuously adding silver ions into the water used for patient rinsing/water can conflict with Bio-Pure. The silver ions enter the patients mouth when water is introduced, are sucked into the evacuation system, where they can harm the "good" bugs Bio-Pure provides for "digesting" the organic waste accumulating in the evacuation system.

2) We understand the desire for automated evacuation flushing, but the storage containers of these systems are designed for chemicals that can be mixed with water and left. The Bio-Pure bugs need to be introduced into an evacuation system soon after being mixed with water, so that they can multiply by feeding on the oxygenated water and organic food in the lines.

We believe that the advantages of using an organic micro biology cleaner, including any additional operational steps outweigh the disadvantages of slow suction. Especially if the only alternative remedy is to lift the floors and replace the older plumbing, or to engage a plumber to rotor rooter the insides of the pipes. Bio-Pure is able to eliminate the most calcified lines, as can be attested to by the many service technicians who have seen first-hand the amazing capabilities of these living bugs to digest organic waste.