Hospitality & Commercial Facilities:
Grease Traps, Drains, Stains, Odors & so much more!

Bio-Pure FOG PRO Commercial Heavy Duty Restaurant Grease Trap & Drain Line Cleaner is the environmentally safe solution for the biodegradation of a wide range of organic wastes. The success of Bio-Pure Commercial Drain & Receptor ranges from small restaurant grease traps to large multi-million gallon lagoons and complete wastewater treatment plants.

Why the need for Bio-Pure Commercial Drain & Receptor in industrial and commercial facilities?

Some products contain large amounts of acids, lye or other caustic compounds. These may temporarily burn away some of the clogging material, but their use ultimately causes damage. The harsh chemicals kill bacteria on contact, and prevent the liquefying process that systems depend upon. Furthermore, the chemical can loosen chunks of solids that can get caught in the drain pipes and cause blockage. Caustics also kill beneficial microorganisms that render them useless in the job of digesting the seeping liquid flow from the waste disposal systems. Caustics change soil structure, breaking down the soil into finer particles that pack together, reducing the ability of the systems liquids to seep into the soil. When the bacteria within a system are abused or destroyed, a decrease occurs in the digestion of the organic material that go into the waste disposal system.

The use of Bio-Pure Commercial Drain & Receptor eliminates the need for chemical treatment and prevents these upsets - safely, efficiently, and economically.

A clean, well-maintained drain should work in one direction only - carrying your water and liquid waste out, without incidents, backups, odor, or residues. Issues arise when bacteria, oils, grease, and fats build up and negatively affect your drains’ ability, resulting in hygiene and performance issues when it comes to flow.

Bio-Pure Drain Treatment works by utilizing safe, effective grease and food waste-digesting “good” bacteria to eliminate sludge, buildup, and residue that allows “bad” bacteria to thrive. Weekly drain treatment application with this safe, enzymatic solution offers peace of mind and a host of benefits, both to your everyday efficiency and the integrity of your plumbing system.

Drain Treatment for Beverage Towers and Ice Bins: A “hotspot” for bad bacteria from sweetened drink spillovers, dispenser drips, and customer pour-outs, sugar cellulose buildup - so common it’s actually referred to as sugar snake in the treatment business - in your inch-wide drain lines quickly causes foul, unappetizing odors that will send your customers looking for another place to eat. Left untreated, it can also lead to potentially disastrous drain backup. Bio-Pure Drain Treatment keeps your commercial beverage tower open for business by eliminating “sugar snakes” and keeping your beverage drain lines free and clear and your ice fresh for thirsty customers.

Drain Treatment for Floor & Sink Drains: There are few things in a kitchen - outside of your dedicated staff, of course - that work harder than your floor and sink drains. Whether it’s food debris from prep sinks, wastewater from your dishwasher setup, or simply water from mopping up under prep tables, grease, starches, fats, and proteins inevitably end up in your drains. When you put the power of Bio-Pure Drain Treatment to work for you, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your drains will never stop working or back up mid-shift because of buildup. Regular weekly treatment can also minimize and even eliminate the high costs of emergency sanitation and plumbing calls - a common issue with clogged floor and sink drains.

Drain Treatment for Grease Traps: Your traps have an important job to do - not only do they help keep fats, oils, and grease from entering the wastewater treatment system, they also make maintenance easier. At least, they do when they work as intended and don’t clog! A grease trap that isn’t maintained can quickly cause issues - foul odors, vermin infestations, and compromised drain flow just to name a few.  Bio-Pure Drain Treatment breaks down these stubborn organic residues to keep them from becoming headache-inducing clogs, helping your drains - and your business - run smoothly.

A Few Applications

Grease Traps
Drain Lines
Floor Drains
Septic Tanks
Holding Tanks (RVs & Boats)
Boat Bilges
Urinals, Toilets, Sink Drains
X-Ray Fluids
Garbage Disposals
Laundry Machine & Clothing Pre-Soak
Carpet & Upholstery Stains
Pet & Odors - Artificial Turf
Kitty Litter
Municipal Wastewater Lagoons
Wastewater Systems
Food Service Operation

Some Features / Benefits

Easy To Use
Free Flowing Drains
Breaks Down Fats, Oils & Grease
Emulsifies & Digests Organic Matter
Removes Source of Odors
Reduces Crusting & Scum Mats
Reduces Bottom Solids
Easier Clean Outs
Reduces Labor Cost
Reduces Drain Field Clogging
All Natural Ingredients
Breaks Down Oil & Food Stains
Reduces Pumping Costs
Eliminates Pet Odors
Saves Money
Oil & Gas Reduction
Reduces Grease
Helps Achieve Compliance Standards
Reduces Sludge & Solids
Reduces Odors
Increases Water Clarity
Controls X-Ray Discharge Buildup
Reduces Ammonia Levels
Reduces Bulking & Foaming
Reduces Phosphorous
Reduces Nitrites / Nitrates

Other Use Ideas

  • Carpet and fabric stains and odor removal of all organic matters such as blood, urine, fecal matter, vomit, spaghetti sauces, cosmetics, etc.
  • Laundry pre-treat spot remover
  • Kitchen grease trap activation - breaks down grease & fats that build up in and clog drains
  • Use on all drainlines to keep free flowing - cleans drains of organic matter and scum and prevents their build up which causes slow drains, clogs and stoppages
  • For additional information on the usage of Bio-Pure Commercial Drain & Receptor see use instructions

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