Bio-Pure Evacuation System - Product Capabilities

There are few independent bodies who validate evacuation system product claims. It is impossible to look and see what is happening "down" inside the pipes of an office. The images shown have been provided to us by actual service technicians in the field. We have provided links on the lower right of this page to independent parties who have tested Bio-Pure.

No More Slogging Down

Every dental practice has some regime of daily line cleaning, trap hand cleaning and scheduled evacuation system maintenance. Calcium and other deposits will accumulate on the inside of the vacuum lines over time, called Chemical Flushing Syndrome. These deposits are "immune" to regular chemical cleaners, and eventually the inside of the pipes will get blocked.

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Bio-Pure uses a microbial formulation to ‘soak’ the whole evacuation system. After being added to the system, the microbes get to work and literally “eat” the organic waste away.


Eliminates Trap Hand Cleaning - "Never Again"

The quote "never again" is from a past dental assistant. Being splattered in the face as a "glued" trap springs loose is dreadful. Flushing with chemical cleaners does not eliminate waste, it merely relocates the waste. Disposable traps reduce the misery, but at some cost compared to cleaning and re-using.

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After being introduced to the system, the microbes get to work and literally “eat” the organic waste accumulating in the traps away. The smelly unpleasant slime in the traps will be gone within the first three weeks. Bio-Pure Inc. guarantees a full refund to any dental office who is not 100% satisfied that the product has performed as advertised.


Excessive Waste in Collection Containers

Bio-Pure digests the waste being collected in an Amalgam Separator cartridge/container. Less waste means fewer replacement collection containers.

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“I would recommend Bio-Pure to any practice that wants an effective, ‘all natural’ product that saves money on evacuation system expense,” said Rochelle Bache, of UCLA Faculty Group Dental Practice" Anterior Quest recommends Bio-Pure to their customers to guarantee suction performance and minimize the volume of waste to be disposed of.