Commonly Asked Questions

  • How is Bio-Pure used?

    Bio-Pure is mixed with warm water and aspirated into the vacuum system, similar to other products. Bio-Pure is simple and easy to use! You can view the use instructions in PDF format, click here.
  • How many operatories will a 6oz., 14oz., or 48oz. jar clean?

    A 6 oz. jar will clean 4 operatories for 4 weeks. A 14 oz. jar will clean 4 operatories for 9 weeks, and a 48 oz. jar will clean 8 operatories for 4.5 months.
  • Is Bio-Pure safe to use?

    Yes, Bio-Pure is 100% all natural and completely safe for humans, animals and plants. Bio-Pure contains no harmful ingredients of any kind!
  • What can be expected after first few applications?

    During the first week of using Bio-Pure, increased sludge and debris may accumulate in the traps. These will need to be cleaned by hand until the system has been "restored". With continued use of Bio-Pure, you should eventually see decreased amounts of waste in the traps, and after 2-3 weeks of treatment (depending on the age of the system), the traps will no longer require cleaning by hand.
  • Why is there increased trap sludge when Bio-Pure is first used?

    Years of trapped accumulation left behind by other cleaners is released when Bio-Pure is first used on a system. During the first week you will see an unusual amount of debris and sludge accumulating in the traps. This is the result of all the accumulation being released by Bio-Pure and shows the process of cleaning out line inner surfaces and restoring vacuum suction has begun. It's possible that during the first week and perhaps two depending on age of system traps might need to be cleaned 2x a day by hand.
  • How does Bio-Pure restore vacuum line suction?

    Bio-Pure not only breaks down but also digest organic waste throughout the entire evacuation system. Elimination of accumulated waste in the system restores vacuum suction to its maximum capacity!
  • How does Bio-Pure eliminate trap hand cleaning?

    Because Bio-Pure breaks down and also digest organic waste, Bio-Pure eliminates the need for daily trap cleaning. Simply dump traps once or twice monthly!
  • How does Bio-Pure clean between uses?

    Bio-Pure's proprietary formula of bacteria colonizes throughout the entire evacuation system. A single cell will divide and multiply into 8-9 million cells in just 8 hrs. and continue to do this for approximately 10 days, spreading throughout the entire system and continuing to clean between uses!
  • How does Bio-Pure remove odors?

    Trap and line odors are caused by hydrogen sulfide, sulfur and ammonia. Bio-Pure’s proprietary formula breaks down and digest the solids where sulfur-producing bacteria normally thrive, eliminating the odors.
  • Is Bio-Pure safe for use on systems equipped with amalgam separators?

    Yes. While many other cleaners have very high or very low pH values which can be detrimental to the performance of amalgam separators, or even damaging to the units themselves, Bio-Pure's neutral pH actually helps amalgam separators to function at peak performance. SolmeteX recommends the use of vacuum line cleaners that have a pH between 6 and 10. The pH in municipal water supplies also varies from area to area. Some have unusual high or low pH, which can cause a separator to function improperly. Bio-Pure eVac cleaner actually corrects water with a High or Low pH.
  • Is Bio-Pure safe for use on dry-vacuum pump systems?

    Yes. Since Bio-Pure is non-foaming it is safe to use on a dry pump system. Because Bio-Pure keeps lines clear and free flowing, your pump will not work as hard and will last longer!
  • How does Bio-Pure compare to other evacuation products?

    Bio-Pure is more effective, more economical, and benefits an evacuation system in more ways than all other evacuation products on the market.
  • Is Bio-Pure EPA registered?

    No, because Bio-Pure contains only naturally occurring, non-pathogenic, indigenous microorganisms it is not regulated by the FIRFA Act. As such, EPA registration is not required.
  • How long has Bio-Pure been used in the dental field?

    Bio-Pure has been restoring evacuation systems worldwide for 7+ years.
  • Does Bio-Pure contain fillers?

    No. While many products contain 90% or more fillers, Bio-Pure contains absolutely none!
  • Can Bio-Pure be used in other areas of the office?

    Yes, Bio-Pure can be used in any area where organic waste management and odor control is needed!
  • What is the shelf-life of Bio-Pure?

    Two years.