Bio-Pure Evacuation System - Financial Savings

Dental Products Report, April 2013 - How Bio-Pure, a simple system cleaner, can save your practice money. Unlike so many “new” products, Bio-Pure requires no up-front investment for the office to enjoy a better, cheaper and safer evacuation system maintenance protocol. Bio-Pure’s ROI starts from day one!

Lost Patient Hours
Operatories are never “down” with frustrated staff wasting time trying to find a solution. It is not only the loss of patient income at stake, it is also the confidence of patients. It is one thing for the dentist to be running late (we all understand procedures that go long) but to defer patients is something quite different.

Product Cost
The weekly Bio-Pure product cost to “soak” one operatory is $2.20, which is typically 40% of the product cost of a comparable branded chemical cleaner.

Office Time Saved
Treat suction lines 2x per week vs. 4/7 x per week (i.e. daily) with other cleaners.

Fewer Unscheduled Service Calls
Evacuation system failure comes without warning. Catching the dentist, the assistant and the office off guard. Emergency service calls cost more than planned evacuation maintenance.

Avoid Plumbing Repairs
We have spoken to too many service technicians, and heard their stories of how Bio-Pure opened a "slogged pipe" - in fact seen too many "yuk" images of exactly what said pipes looked like - to not include this in our list of financial savings. Opening the floors to get to blocked plumbing should be avoided if humanly possible.

Extend Equipment Lifetime
A Bio-Pure Restoration Treatment will clean out places not reachable with any “flush” cleaner, giving new life to systems destined for the scrap heap.

Replacement Amalgam Collection Containers
Bio-Pure digests the waste being collected in an Amalgam Separator cartridge/container. Less waste means fewer replacement collection containers. “I would recommend Bio-Pure to any practice that wants an effective, ‘all natural’ product that saves money on evacuation system expense,” said Rochelle Bache, of UCLA Faculty Group Dental Practice." Anterior Quest recommends Bio-Pure to their customers to guarantee suction performance and minimize the volume of waste to be disposed of.

Bio-Pure brings financial savings from line maintenance costs, to operational and staff efficiency, to contributing to the bigger picture of an industry that seeks to be responsible for the waste it generates.