Bio-Pure works through a unique combination of living microbes - that first break down, and then digest (eat away) the organic waste that accumulates in an evacuation system.

A day in the Life ... 

When Bio-Pure is introduced into an evacuation system, the enzymes first break down the organic waste into microbe sized bites. The microbes then digest these "bites" giving them the energy they need to multiply into an active colony.

The process by which organic waste, in the presence of water and enzymes, is broken down or transformed into simpler compounds is known as digestion or hydrolysis. Bio-Pure contains multiple strains of proprietary highly specialized non-pathogenic microbes, selected for their ability to rapidly digest the organic nutrients found in an evacuation system. The key components are starch digesting amylases, protein-digesting protease, cellulose-digesting cellulase and fat digesting lipase. These microorganisms include both aerobic (with oxygen) and anaerobic (without oxygen) varieties so that digestion can be assured under a variety of conditions and temperatures.

Since microbes are complex living organisms, microbial stabilizers, preservatives, enzyme activators, and co-factors have been added to the Bio-Pure Receptor formulation. Bio-Pure is unique in that each ingredient is environmentally friendly and functional, contributing to the most efficient biodegradation process available. Bio-Pure microbes are 100% all natural and safe for people, animals and plants. Each Bio-Pure batch is certified free of salmonella & GRAS listed.

Bio-Pure and it's unique process of digesting organic waste is the only long term solution to maintaining a healthy evacuation system without the use of harmful chemicals.