Commonly Asked Questions


  • What causes drain lines to back up?

    Food particles, grease, paper, and other organic materials attach to the walls of drain pipes and the buildup begins to snag other materials which pass through the pipe. The accumulation builds up and the reduces the amount of waste water that can pass through. Enough buildup can block the pipe completely, not allowing any waste water to pass through causing the water to back up to the sinks, floor drains, or toilets.
  • What causes my grease trap problems?

    In many cases, grease traps are either ignored entirely or not maintained properly. This can cause major grease buildup and blockages both in your drain system and in municipal sewer systems. Grease is trapped and solidifies in the trap. When the trap is full, grease naturally begins to back up in the pipes leading to the trap and passes through the trap into the pipes leading away from the trap. Solidified grease will quickly restrict or stop waste water flow through drains.
  • What can I do about it?

    In the past, chemicals have been used as a means of breaking up blockages in drain lines without considering the hazards to both humans and the environment. Millions of dollars are spent trying to solve problems some chemicals have created in our environment. Many times we create new problems in our honest attempts to solve our problems. It is everyone's duty to find alternatives to chemical use. Many states are passing or have already passed laws banning the use of certain chemicals.
  • I want to protect the environment, but what else can I do?

    The creator of this world built into the ecological system natural modes to solve many of our problems. Bacteria and enzymes which are already a part of our environment work to decompose specific organic materials in the environment. Bio-Pure Commercial Drain & Receptor is a formulation of naturally occurring bacteria and enzymes which act only on the materials that are normally found in drain lines to quickly decompose and digest the material without harming the environment, pipes, or people.
  • How does Bio-Pure Commercial Drain & Receptor work?

    Bio-Pure is a result of research conducted to identify the specific bacteria and enzymes which work on the specific matter normally found in most drain lines and grease traps. Four strains of bacteria and four enzymes were identified. Enzymes start the job by breaking down the material (waste) into simpler forms. The bacteria do not utilize the material in complex form, but thrive on these simpler forms as food which they consume (digest) and begin reproducing very quickly. Bacteria double their population every fifteen minutes! This multiplication of bacteria spreads through the pipes feeding on the material which has built up and caused your problems. Working in combination with the enzymes, the problem can be solved quickly, safely, and naturally. Following a schedule of maintenance applications of Bio-Pure can keep the pipes clean!
  • What about my grease trap?

    One of the enzymes included in the Bio-Pure formula is lipase. Lipase works specifically on grease and fats to break down the solidified grease into a simpler form which the bacteria then digests. With the solids liquified, the capacity of the trap is thus increased, and with the digestion, this reduces the number of times the trap needs to be pumped. Bio-Pure will not eliminate the need to pump, but you should not need to pump it as often resulting in significant savings, and the rancid smell associated with the grease is drastically reduced. It is extremely important to follow your grease trap manufacturer instructions to properly maintain your grease trap. However, pumping or expensive equipment will not solve the problem from the drain to the trap. Bio-Pure Commercial Drain & Receptor will solve your drain problems, too!
  • Will the liquified grease re-solidify later?

    When the lipase enzyme acts on the solidified grease, it breaks the chemical composition of the grease and it is then, in effect, no longer grease, it becomes a simpler form, fatty acid. Bio-Pure Commercial Drain & Receptor does not just "melt" the grease like hot water does only to re-solidify later. The bacteria feeds on the fatty acid and the by-product is water, carbon dioxide, and biological mass.
  • I don't have any problems right now.

    By the time you have significant problems, it's too late. By the time the common clog causes stoppage, heroic measures are necessary. Wouldn't it be nice to prevent this messy, smelly, and costly embarrassment? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to avoid the periodic panics, let alone the hassle and frazzle? Aren't you tired of hearing, "The sink's backed up again!" always at the time of peak use when everyone is most impatient? Bio-Pure Commercial Drain & Receptor works to prevent problems as well as solve problems!
  • Is Bio-Pure Commercial Drain & Receptor complicated to use?

    The great news is that Bio-Pure Commercial Drain & Receptor is ridiculously easy to use! Bio-Pure Commercial Drain & Receptor is packaged in either 1 lb. [454g] foil packs, or in a 20 pound [9.08kg] box. The product is a dry powder which is stirred into lukewarm water and poured directly into the drain or grease trap. It can't get much easier than that!
  • Where can I use Bio-Pure Commercial Drain & Receptor?

    Anywhere you find a drain or grease trap! Motels, restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals, schools, office buildings, and industrial buildings all have drain lines and some have grease traps. Bio-Pure Commercial Drain & Receptor is also very effective in septic tanks, boat and RV holding tanks, portable toilets, cat litter boxes, animal runs and kennels to digest wastes and eliminate odors!
    The natural solution is Bio-Pure Commercial Drain & Receptor! All natural, environmentally safe, it will not harm humans, animals, plants, or fish.