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Bio-Pure Household & Recreational is a very unique "proprietary" product which breaks down waste and eliminates odors naturally. In a home/farm environment, many odors are caused by the bacteria which live off of decomposing organic waste. Bio-Pure eliminates these odors by breaking down the waste products, preventing the formation of odor-producing bacteria colonies. Because of the way Bio-Pure eliminates odors at the source, by breaking down the waste which is the cause of the odors, it is extremely effective in many different applications at home and on the ranch.

When used to treat a septic system, Bio-Pure breaks down and digests the excess waste. This keeps the system functioning effeciently, and also reduces the need for normal septic tank pumping. If the system is experiencing slowdown or even backup, Bio-Pure will digest the solid wastes which are blocking the line and will usually restore full flow to the septic system.

Home - Ranch - Recreational: It is Better!

Bio-Pure eliminates odors by breaking down organic bottom solids where gas is created and released. Specialized bacteria and enzymes also break down ammonia before it causes a problem & reduces solids. Bio-Pure Home, Ranch & Recreational bacteria’s and enzymes accelerate the degradation of the dead organic matter …

improving septic and drain system flow and function by breaking down & digesting organics/sewage contaminates in the pipe and septic system. Sewage contaminates can be harmful to your system causing equipment fouling and organic waste build-up & bad odors!


Home - Ranch - Recreational: It Costs Less!

Bio-Pure costs less than a fraction of a penny per gallon of sewage or waste treated. The annual product cost of using Bio-Pure is less than alternative branded bacterial products. All product savings are important and Bio-Pure saves considerably more than just the direct product cost price reduction.

Bio-Pure need only be used monthly. Our living microbes keep working through the night 24/7 and thru the month. On-site waste management that saves the way nature intended. Time saved is also money retained. One less clogged drain pays for itself without an expensive service call, a welcome relief!


Home - Ranch - Recreational: It is Safer!

For many years folks have been searching for a safe and effective way to remove organic waste build-up in drains, septic systems, black tanks ect... Bio-Pure microbes are 100% all natural and safe for people, animals and plants. Bio-Pure microbes are certified free of salmonella & GRAS listed. Bio-Pure is safe for all pipes and systems and will not damage such componets.

Bio-Pure does not require permits or licenses because Bio-Pure is 100% natural and safe. The bacteria only attack & digest dead organic matter. Therefore, it does not fall under FIFRA review and does not require a permit license to apply.


Commonly Asked Questions:


Odors are caused by hydrogen sulfide, sulfur, and ammonia. Bio-Pure breaks down & digests organic solids and waste where sulfur- producing bacteria thrive.


Our microbe strains are indigenous, non-pathogenic & naturally occurring. They are completely safe and FDA GRAS listed as completely safe for humans, animals, plant life.

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A clean, well-maintained drain should work in one direction only - carrying your water and liquid waste out, without incidents, backups, odor, or residues. Issues arise when bacteria, oils, grease, and fats build up and negatively affect your drains’ ability, resulting in hygiene and performance issues when it comes to flow.

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Bio-Pure Drain Treatment works by utilizing safe, effective grease and food waste-digesting “good” bacteria to eliminate sludge, buildup, and residue that allows “bad” bacteria to thrive. Weekly drain treatment application with this safe, enzymatic solution offers peace of mind and a host of benefits, both to your everyday efficiency and the integrity of your plumbing system.