Household & Recreational

Bio-Pure Household & Recreational is a very unique "proprietary" product which breaks down waste and eliminates odors naturally. In a home/farm environment, many odors are caused by the bacteria which live off of decomposing organic waste. Bio-Pure eliminates these odors by breaking down the waste products, preventing the formation of odor-producing bacteria colonies. Because of the way Bio-Pure eliminates odors at the source, by breaking down the waste which is the cause of the odors, it is extremely effective in many different applications at home and on the ranch.

When used to treat a septic system, Bio-Pure breaks down and digests the excess waste. This keeps the system functioning effeciently, and also reduces the need for normal septic tank pumping. If the system is experiencing slowdown or even backup, Bio-Pure will digest the solid wastes which are blocking the line and restore full flow to the system.

Commonly Asked Questions:


Odors are caused by hydrogen sulfide, sulfur, and ammonia. Bio-Pure breaks down & digests organic solids and waste where sulfur- producing bacteria thrive.


Our microbe strains are indigenous, non-pathogenic & naturally occurring. They are completely safe and FDA GRAS listed as completely safe for humans, animals, plant life.