Commercial & Industrial Drain & Receptor

Bio-Pure Commercial Drain & Receptor is the environmentally safe solution for the biodegradation of a wide range of organic wastes. The success of Bio-Pure Commercial Drain & Receptor ranges from small restaurant grease traps to large multi-million gallon lagoons and complete wastewater treatment plants.  

Why the need for Bio-Pure Commercial Drain & Receptor in industrial and commercial facilities?

Some products contain large amounts of acids, lye or other caustic compounds. These may temporarily burn away some of the clogging material, but their use ultimately causes damage. The harsh chemicals kill bacteria on contact, and prevent the liquefying process that systems depend upon. Furthermore, the chemical can loosen chunks of solids that can get caught in the drain pipes and cause blockage. Caustics also kill beneficial microorganisms that render them useless in the job of digesting the seeping liquid flow from the waste disposal systems. Caustics change soil structure, breaking down the soil into finer particles that pack together, reducing the ability of the systems liquids to seep into the soil. When the bacteria within a system are abused or destroyed, a decrease occurs in the digestion of the organic material that go into the waste disposal system.

The use of Bio-Pure Commercial Drain & Receptor eliminates the need for chemical treatment and prevents these upsets - safely, efficiently, and economically.