Bio-Pure Aquarium & Pond is designed to improve water clarity and quality in commercial aquaculture, aquariums, decorative fountains and pond situations, at less than a fraction of a penny per gallon of water treated. Proven effective in both salt and fresh water, Bio-Pure Aquarium & Pond accelerates organic waste degradation under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions.

The result: a conditioned marine environment close to nature's own, complete with reduced ammonia, hydrogen Aquarium & Pond Restore sulfide, nitrates and other contaminates that are harmful to your ecosystem. Effectively digesting and degrading heavy concentrations of organic mass within an aquatic system. Bio-Pure Aquarium & Pond ensures a healthy environment for fish, shrimp and prawn stock, eliminating odors and reducing ammonia while increasing the harvest size, weight and survivability of the stock.

Bio-Pure Pond & Aquarium can successfully attack - degrade - liquefy fecal mass, undigested food and other organics that contribute to a build-up of ammonia and bottom solids. Bio-Pure Pond & Aquarium conditions the marine environment to an ecology close to nature's own. Bio-Pure Pond & Aquarium will colonize the tank / pond, multiply by a factor up to 1,000 times within a few hours, take away the nutrients and breakdown the organic loading, thus eliminating unsightly growth on walls and surfaces and liberating carbon dioxide for the oxygenating plants.

Aquarium & Pond: It is Better!

Bio-Pure eliminates odors by breaking down organic bottom solids where gas is created and released. Specialized bacteria and enzymes also break down ammonia before it causes a problem & reduces bottom solids. Bio-Pure Aquarium & Pond bacteria’s and enzymes accelerate the degradation of the dead organic matter …

improves water clarity and quality by digesting suspended organics in the water column and degrading ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and other contaminates that are harmful to your ecosystem & aeration equipment fouling due to organic build-up.



Aquarium & Pond: It Costs Less!

Bio-Pure costs less than a fraction of a penny per gallon of water treated. The annual product cost of using Bio-Pure is less than alternative branded bacterial products. All product savings are important and Bio-Pure saves considerably more than just the direct product cost price reduction.

Our living microbes keep working through the night 24/7 and over the week end. Bio-Pure need only be used bi-monthly - without compromising fish health and actually complimenting fish health by water quality improvement back to nature. Time saved is also money retained. From what we hear, it is also a welcome relief to many hours of cleaning at the end of a busy week!



Aquarium & Pond: It is Safer!

For many years folks have been searching for a safe and effective way to remove organic waste build-up of ammonia in Pond & Aquarium situations. Bio-Pure microbes are 100% all natural and safe for people, animals and plants. Bio-Pure microbes are certified free of salmonella & GRAS listed. Bio-Pure is safe for ponds and will not damage grasses like algaecides. Your grass actually benefits from the bacteria applied during watering.

Bio-Pure does not require permits or licenses because Bio-Pure Aquarium & Pond is not an algaecide. The bacteria only attack dead organic matter. Therefore, it does not fall under FIFRA review and does not require a permit license to apply.



Although a variety of chemicals are currently available to reduce algae blooms, the algaecides themselves are often highly toxic to aquatic life including fish. Many of these chemicals are not environmentally safe to use.

In addition, although a variety of water filtration systems are currently available, all biological systems, regardless of the particular design, require frequent maintenance and upgrading in order for them to work efficiently. An inefficient filtration system is a serious problem for Pond & Aquarium situations. The filtration system can actually increase the amount of available nutrient and organic matter in the system, thereby compounding an already serious problem.

A product such as Bio-Pure Pond & Aquarium, which can potentially extend the life of a Aquarium & Pond filtration system, would mean lower maintenance costs and more effective optimization of water quality conditions.

Bio-Pure Pond & Aquarium will effectively control the high accumulation of bottom sludge (which produces methane and hydrogen sulfide also harmful to marine life).

By removing the heavy concentrations of organic pollutants almost as soon as they are formed, Bio-Pure Pond & Aquarium ensures a healthy environment for the fish stock, which, being under less stress from the N-containing substances, are more resistant to disease.

Bio-Pure Pond & Aquarium is a living system of aerobic and anaerobic acting microbial strains and enzyme species. Very selective proprietary microbial strains grown with the specific purpose to accelerate organic waste degradation even under anaerobic conditions in an aquatic environment. Proven effective in both salt and fresh water.

Pond Before

Algae's are mainly caused by excess nutrients in the water. As ponds become overloaded with nutrients, nitrogen, phosphorus and organic carbon excess nutrients overcome ...

Pond After

the ponds ability to naturally clean itself up. Bio-Pure's microorganisms break down organic substances to greatly improve water quality and reduce bottom solids.