Non-Toxic Algaecide Alternative - while some chemicals may work on algae, they often do so without regard to your fish or even the harming surrounding environment, such as “burning” lawn grass. Even the most high-quality filter system may not prevent these chemicals from harming or killing your pond or aquarium fish or shellfish, or making the water unsafe for the ecosystem. Without a real, direct-to-water solution like Bio-Pure® Pond & Aquarium, your bio-based water contaminant problems will continue to reproduce and potentially damage your filtration system. Our proprietary formula uses all-natural biocultures that are safe for both your aquatic life and the environment, all while staying tough on dense, unwanted organic mass like algae.

Water-Clearing Power - The best way to keep your pond, aquarium, or other water feature looking and performing well is to mimic nature. Bio-Pure® Pond & Aquarium does just that, helping to liquefy common sediment in living water sources, such as fecal mass, undigested fish food, and other decaying bio-contaminants that cause buildup and sludge. Our bio-encapsulated “little workers” also help release healthy levels of plant-nourishing carbon dioxide into the water to help support the growth of aquatic plant life you actually want to encourage - lilies, ferns, and so on.

Fresh, Clean, and Attractive - Without proper treatment, contaminants and algae growth can leave your water feature or aquarium looking murky, dark, or even smelling foul and “swampy.” When you rely on Bio-Pure® Pond & Aquarium as a part of your regular water maintenance, you reduce stress on both your fish as well as your filtration systems, providing better longevity for both, and a more beautiful water feature for you - and your guests - to admire.

Aquarium & Pond: It is Better!

Bio-Pure eliminates odors by breaking down organic bottom solids where gas is created and released. Specialized bacteria and enzymes also break down ammonia before it causes a problem & reduces bottom solids. Bio-Pure Aquarium & Pond bacteria’s and enzymes accelerate the degradation of the dead organic matter …

improves water clarity and quality by digesting suspended organics in the water column and degrading ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and other contaminates that are harmful to your ecosystem & aeration equipment fouling due to organic build-up.


Aquarium & Pond: It Costs Less!

Bio-Pure costs less than a fraction of a penny per gallon of water treated. The annual product cost of using Bio-Pure is less than alternative branded bacterial products. All product savings are important and Bio-Pure saves considerably more than just the direct product cost price reduction.

Our living microbes keep working through the night 24/7 and over the week end. Bio-Pure need only be used bi-monthly - without compromising fish health and actually complimenting fish health by water quality improvement back to nature. Time saved is also money retained. From what we hear, it is also a welcome relief to many hours of cleaning at the end of a busy week!


Aquarium & Pond: It is Safer!

For many years folks have been searching for a safe and effective way to remove organic waste build-up of ammonia in Pond & Aquarium situations. Bio-Pure microbes are 100% all natural and safe for people, animals and plants. Bio-Pure microbes are certified free of salmonella & GRAS listed. Bio-Pure is safe for ponds and will not damage grasses like algaecides. Your grass actually benefits from the bacteria applied during watering.

Bio-Pure does not require permits or licenses because Bio-Pure Aquarium & Pond is not an algaecide. The bacteria only attack dead organic matter. Therefore, it does not fall under FIFRA review and does not require a permit license to apply.


If you’re already enjoying a beautiful fish tank, planted tank, outdoor fountain, or pond for your home or business, protect your investment with Bio-Pure® Pond & Aquarium. Bacteria buildup, sludge, and algae blooms are persistent, but with our powerful, eco-friendly formula, we’ll make sure all of your water features stay sparkling clean. See Aquarium & Pond Summary

Pond Before

Algae's are mainly caused by excess nutrients in the water. As ponds become overloaded with nutrients, nitrogen, phosphorus and organic carbon excess nutrients overcome ...

Pond After

the ponds ability to naturally clean itself up. Bio-Pure's microorganisms break down organic substances to greatly improve water quality and reduce bottom solids.