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Hear what the experts say!

"The more significant fact, validating the link between evac suction and  patient hygiene, was to see Bio-Pure included ..." Open4BioClean - as the top Infection Control product - December 2013.

"Once in a while a product comes along that revolutionizes an industry, making all other products obsolete. With 15+ years of testing, Bio-Pure is one of those products." Tim Yaeger Jr., Yaeger Dental Supply.

“Our lines are always running at full productivity,” said Dr. Ted C. Kawulok of Boulder, CO. “No more slogging down during the middle of a productive day.”

Bio-Pure Product Capabilities: It is Better!

For 35 (+) years products based on chemicals have been all that were available to dentists to "FLUSH" (dissolve and clean) their evacuation systems. Bio-Pure introduces a proven New Science in which chemicals are replaced with LIVING bacteria to "SOAK" (break down and digest) the organic waste accumulating in the lines, pipes, traps and amalgam separator.

Chemical cleaners leave behind a thin film of waste (biofilm) as they flush the lines and pipes. As the evacuation system ages this biofilm builds up. Like a heart attack waiting to strike. Some products recommend doing a "deep clean" every three months. Introducing stronger chemicals that are even more irritating to office members skin, eyes, and lungs. Unlike chemicals that dissolve accumulated waste, leaving it to settle somewhere else; especially chair side traps, Bio-Pure is based on living "good" microbes that eat organic waste. Prophy paste, patients tissues and like are converted into energy for the bugs to multiply and digest more waste.



Bio-Pure Product Savings: It Costs Less!

The annual product cost of using Bio-Pure is approximately 40% of an alternative branded evacuation cleaner. All product savings are important in tough economic times! And Bio-Pure saves considerably more than just the direct product cost price reduction.

The living microbes keep working through the night and over the week end. Unlike chemical cleaners which need to be used at the end of every day, Bio-Pure need only be used 2 x per week - without compromising the office evacuation maintenance protocol. The time saved is money retained for the practise. From what we hear, it is also a welcome relief to overworked office staff already trying to cram a 10 hour job into an eight hour day!



Bio-Pure Health & Hygiene: It is Safer!

The requirement to publish MSDS sheets disclosing the chemical composition of all products was legislated to ensure that staff and patients are adequately protected. Bio-Pure is formulated from all natural ingredient, eliminating any chemical risk to office staff during application.

The risk to staff when working with chemicals can be managed by the wearing of protective masks and gloves. In January 2014 DPR (Dental Products Report) and Gorden J. Christensen confirmed that the quality of and Evacuation System's Suction was also Patient Hygiene issue. Any patient hygiene risk from flow back caused by slow suction, or infection developing in the chair side traps, demands an effective evacuation system maintenance protocol.



"I introduced Bio-Pure to a customer and took a picture of the inside of a fitting in their vacuum system. I came back two weeks later and took the same picture. It had cleared 50%" John Napier, Tech West Inc.

Chemicals and enzymes work by dissolving organic as they flush down the system. When Bio-Pure is introduced into an evacuation system, the trace enzymes first break down the organic waste into microbe sized bites. The microbes then digest these "bites" giving them energy. They use this energy to multiply into an active colony that literally eats the waste away!

Bio-Pure brings new science to the old problem of evacuation systems maintenance. From basic savings in product costs, to reducing the cost of amalgam separation, to operational and staff efficiency, to helping the dental industry play it's part in being responsible for the waste it generates.